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Hot Chocolate Board

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Jan 31st 2024

An indulgent, cozy delight. Create the perfect winter treat, whether you're having a gathering with friends or a romantic night in. Grab your favorite mugs and an array of chocolates and … read more

Understanding Cocoa Percentages

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Jan 3rd 2024

One of the most frequent questions we receive is: "what does the percentage on a chocolate bar mean?" Most people know that the higher the percentage, the darker the chocolate, but don't know exact … read more

Milk & Cookies Mousse

Posted by Marley's Menu on Dec 19th 2023

Treat Santa this year. Velvety milk chocolate with crispy vanilla cookies in every bite. Make your house stand out for Santa this year with this elevated version of milk and coo … read more

Nutcracker Brittle Truffles

Posted by Marley's Menu on Nov 29th 2023

The ultimate holiday treat. Decadent 5-ingredient truffles with a crunchy crushed hazlenut exterior and a melt in your mouth center. Theo Nutcracker Brittle 55% Dark Chocolate ba … read more

Holiday Charcuterie Boards

Posted by The Theo Team on Nov 15th 2023

Chocolate, cheese & cured meats. We asked our friend Nancy Serag of Honey & Hive Boards for her expert tips on curating plentiful holiday boards. The holiday season is up … read more