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Hot Chocolate Board

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Jan 31st 2024

An indulgent, cozy delight.

Create the perfect winter treat, whether you're having a gathering with friends or a romantic night in. Grab your favorite mugs and an array of chocolates and get ready to craft the ultimate hot chocolate experience.

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Theo Hot Chocolate Board with marshmallows, caramel, oranges and more.

Ingredients & Flavor Inspiration:

Salted Toffee Drinking Chocolate

Orange Drinking Chocolate

  • 4oz milk or non-dairy alternative
  • 3 tbsp Orange 70% Dark Chocolate, finely chopped
  • Candied orange garnish (optional)
  • Whipped Cream

Raspberry Drinking Chocolate

Salted Black Licorice Drinking Chocolate

Assembling Your Board:

The only requirement to assemble a Drinking Chocolate Board is to have fun! But to start, we usually set the larger ingredients on our board. We separate out the chocolate flavors and arrange around the marshmallows. After placing the chocolate, we add the garnishes like chocolate dipped candied oranges, fresh raspberries, and caramel candies.

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Theo Tip: Need vegan chocolate for a plant-based board? Check out our vegan options to find a new chocolate treat!

Drinking Chocolate Instructions:

  1. Assemble your drinking chocolate board.
  2. In a pot, heat 20z of milk or non-dairy alternative until just steaming.
  3. Add 3 tablespoons of the chocolate of your choice into a mug.
  4. And then pour 4oz of steamed milk or non-dairy alternative into the mug and stir until the chocolate completely melts. Add more liquid or drinking chocolate to achieve desired thickness.
  5. Add flavor ingredients of your choice (example: caramel candies or salt)
  6. Add toppings of your choice (example: marshmallows, whipped cream)
  7. Enjoy!