Understanding Cocoa Percentages

Understanding Cocoa Percentages

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Apr 11th 2018

During our factory tours people frequently ask about the percentage printed on chocolate bar labels.

What does 70%cocoa actually mean? What makes up the other 30%?

The percentage is the measurement of the chocolate bar’s weight that comes from cocoa liquor and cocoa butter which together are known as cocoa mass.

The balance of that percentage includes the other ingredients that make up chocolate. At Theo, we keep our chocolate simple and use whole food ingredients, so the only other ingredients that affect the percentage are cane sugar, vanilla and sometimes, milk powder.

The Anatomy of a Theo Chocolate Bar

In the case of cocoa percentages, more does mean less! When a chocolate bar has a higher cocoa percentage that means it has more cocoa mass and less room for other ingredients like sugar.

Let’s take a closer look at two of our pure chocolate bars to understand how these ingredients affect the cocoa percentage.

Inclusion ingredients, like nuts or fruit, do not affect the cocoa percentage. For example our popular Bread & Chocolate Bar still maintains it’s 70% cocoa percentage even with inclusions like toasted sourdough and sea salt.

Whatever the percentage, you can taste Theo’s commitment to using the highest quality ingredients in all of our delicious treats!

Featured Ingredient

Salted Almond 70% Dark Chocolate

Pure 70%

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