PB&J Chocolate Parfaits

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Jan 22nd 2021

An indulgent ode to the nostalgia and love of childhood treats! Peanut butter and jelly; it is hard to improve such a classic … read more

Hot Chocolate Board

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Jan 22nd 2021

Finally, a foodie trend we can actually get behind! All winter long we have been seeing gorgeous hot chocolate boards on Insta … read more

Nutcracker Brittle Puppy Chow

Posted by Casey from The Mindful Hapa on Nov 10th 2020

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Holiday Chocolate Bark

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Nov 10th 2020

Homemade chocolate bark makes the perfect holiday recipe because it’s easy, versatile, and perfect for homemade gifts. We are … read more