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Theo Favorite Trail Mixes

Posted by The Theo Team on Jun 6th 2023

Fuel your body and delight your taste buds.

When it comes to summer adventures, having the perfect snack by your side can make all the difference. Trail mixes have long been hailed as the go-to option for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a convenient and customizable snack that satisfies cravings.

At Theo, we've leveled up our trail mixes by infusing them with our love for creative flavors, unique textures, and, of course, chocolate. Whether you try our favorite mixes or unleash your creativity to make your own, get ready to bring excitement to every outdoor experience with this versatile treat.

Spicy & Sweet

Salty & Sweet

Trail Mix Tips:

1. Have fun and get creative: One great advantage of trail mixes is their versatility. The options are endless so let your imagination run wild and have fun experimenting with different ingredients. Chop up your favorite Chocolate Bars or Cups & Candy and customize with crunchy nuts, pretzels, or granola.

2. Beat the heat: Headed somewhere hot but still crave a cocoa kick in your mix? Add Roasted Cocoa Nibs for the rich cocoa flavor you love. They're the perfect addition to keep your mix flavorful and enjoyable even in warmer temperatures.

3. Protect the environment: When it comes to transporting your trail mixes, opt for eco-friendly packaging like a glass jar or reusable bag. By reducing single-use plastic waste, you're not only enjoying your snacks but helping to preserve the environments you visit.

4. Carry a variety of mixes: Different stages of a hike or adventure may require different types of energy. Pack a variety of trail mixes to cater to your needs. Consider having something sweeter at the start for a boost of energy and something saltier near the end to replenish your body.

5. Prep larger batches for convenience: Save time and effort by prepping larger batches of trail mixes in advance. When you're ready to hit the trails, simply transfer the desired portions into a portable container so you can grab and go without any fuss.

6. Balance textures: Texture matters when it comes to trail mixes. Ensure a satisfying snacking experience by combining crunchy and chewy components. Add dried fruits to your mix for a chewy, contrasting texture in every bite.

7. Share the joy: Trail mixes are the perfect shareable treat when adventuring with friends, so don't forget to share your delicious creations! However, remember to consider any potential allergies in your group and choose mix additions accordingly.