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See Love? Send Love!

Posted by Theo Chocolate on Feb 2nd 2022

A little love goes a long way

Does anyone else miss the tradition of the classroom Valentine’s Day card exchange? Whether you were looking forward to giving out personalized cards to your best buddies or receiving a note from a secret admirer, the yearly card exchange always felt special.

See love? Send Love!
Theo Valentine's Day card collection: 3 exclusive Valentine's day designs

Inspired by that tradition, we connected with three talented artists to commission Valentine’s Day cards of our own.

These cards are the perfect way to send your love to friends and family this year. 

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Love is Love Valentine

Art by Iliana Galvez, inspired by the Love is Love Confection Collection (coming soon!)

My inspiration for the piece is highlighting the feeling of joy that love brings us. Love can come in many different forms and the joy we feel when being around a loved one is such a beautiful universally-felt emotion.”


Love is Love Card illustration by Iliana Galvez. Two people on heart shape with love is love in background

Iliana Galvez is a Queer Latinx artist based in Denver, CO. Her work highlights Black and Brown bodies, and messages of self-love. Discover more of her work at 

Love You Berry Much Valentine

Art by Jackie Rivera, inspired by the Raspberry Cocoa Nib 55% Dark Chocolate bar

“I was really inspired by berries and chocolate, which is one of my favorite Valentine’s Day treats. I wanted the lettering to feel super sweet, luscious, and fun!”


Love you Berry Much Valentine by Jackie Rivera:

Jackie Rivera is an artist based in Seattle, WA. She uses her bold, 70’s inspired work as a tool to talk about things that are important to her, such as her Mexican heritage, wellness, and existential themes. When she’s not making art, you’ll find her eating her way through the Fremont neighborhood and practicing her bass! Discover more of her work at

You Make My Heart Skip a Beat Valentine

Art by Tori Shao, inspired by the Salted Black Licorice 70% Dark Chocolate Bar

“As a black licorice fan, I was excited to work on a piece inspired by this flavor. The piece was inspired by the heart rhythm changes that are both associated with love and licorice. Love it or hate it, we are celebrating the plants that give black licorice it's signature flavor and fragrance: Licorice root and anise fruit!”


Tori Shao (she/her/hers) is a Seattle-based illustrator and landscape architect. Her work is inspired by our cultural, ecological, and textural relationships to plants. Discover more of her work at

#SeeLoveSendLove Challenge 

Send the gift of love! We are challenging ourselves and you to send a little love out into the digital world this season.  

Every Tuesday and Thursday, starting January 20th we will be tagging some of our amazing customers and content creators in love letters every week on Instagram Stories. We hope you get inspired to do the same!   

Download our blank templates by clicking below and send out a little love of your own.