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Cocoa Conversations: How To Store Chocolate

Posted by Theo Chocolate on May 22nd 2023

Have you ever opened up a chocolate bar and found what looks like white wax on the surface of the chocolate?

Don’t worry! It’s not mold; it’s a phenomenon called bloom. This happens when your chocolate has either been stored in a spot that is too warm or too cold. Out of range temperatures, like storing in the freezer, can cause the cocoa butter to separate from the cocoa solids within the chocolate bar, producing a whitish film on the surface. To prevent this from happening, you'll want to properly store your chocolate.

Here's how:

  • Store your chocolate in a cool, dry place, well wrapped, and away from direct sunlight.
  • Ideally, chocolate should be stored at an ambient temperature between 65 and 75 degrees F.
  • Chocolate can also absorb flavors from nearby items with strong odors, so keep away from things like onion for the best flavor.

There is no reason to freeze chocolate. The only reason to refrigerate it would be if the ambient temperature started climbing towards the 90-degree range. 

Unwrapped Theo Chocolate bars on orange background

The Inside Scoop

We asked Theo employees how they store their chocolate and they came back with some useful and hilarious tips and tricks that we wanted to share with you.

1. Accessibility Is Key

“We have a stash in every room so it's easily accessible at all times! That means lots of cute baskets and bowls. You never know when you need a snack.”

– Erica D, Associate Marketing Manager

2. Separate Stashes

In my house, we usually store our chocolate in our tummies. However, when there isn’t enough room I like to store them in two different spots. One is the shared cooking/baking pantry and the 2nd spot is on my individual shelf. I have two amazing roommates and we each have a designated shelf. We keep our chocolate out of sight of sun and heat, but in the back of our minds we are keeping them out of sight from us. We like to save them for snacking and gaming.

– Andrew G, Class Host 

3. Life is Short!

“My favorite place to store chocolate is in my mouth! I know some “experts” say that you should store it in a cool, dry space away from strong odors, but those spaces don’t have taste buds, which is quite frankly a deal-breaker for me. And to the naysayers who point out that chocolate doesn’t last as long in your mouth, I say life is short — enjoy it!” 

– Robert F, Chocolate Quality Assurance Technician 

4. A Slight Chill

“While I store my treats in a cupboard, I like my chocolate to be a little cool when I go to enjoy it. So I don't cause the chocolate to bloom, I put whatever I'm going to snack on in the fridge only about half an hour beforehand. I especially love a nice chilled Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup!" 

– Andi C, Associate Ecommerce Manager