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In addition to our regular lineup of bars, caramels, confections and treats, here’s a list of seasonal, limited edition treats for the month of August!

(Unless otherwise noted, all items are available in our retail store only)



Confectionary (caramels, ganache, bouchees and more…)

CHERRY FEST CARAMELS: Our buttery caramel infused with cherry juice, these caramels pack intense, lipsmacking fruit (also available online)!

SUMMER CONFECTION BOX: A vibrant, 8-piece collection including the following (also available online):

  • Ganache: Raspberry, Basil, Burnt Sugar, Lemon and Mint
  • Caramel: Cherry Fest, Ghost Chile and Grey Salt Vanilla

BOUCHEES: Our small chocolate-shelled confections that contain various creamy fillings, handmade in very small batches

  • Maple almond praline: Our praline combines pure organic maple syrup, house made almond butter & feuillitine (Feuilletine is French for “crispy flake”) with a pinch of salt. Covered in 45% milk chocolate the center of this confection is ultra creamy, with a bit of shatter & crunch.
  • Vegan coconut-pecan caramels: Organic coconut and almond milks make this unique caramel slightly softer than our norm. Shredded coconut and toasted pecans add texture, all wrapped in a 70% dark chocolate shell.


CONFECTIONER’S CHOICE: Small batches & limited availability in our retail store only. With so many talented and creative people on staff, we need an outlet for all the incredible ideas!

……Going fast!

  • KEY LIME PIE: Our team juices and zests piquant key limes, blending them into a custard with sweetened condensed milk, adding white chocolate and table tempering to smooth perfection. We stack a tiny house-made graham crust atop the ganache, enrobe it in dark chocolate and top it with a white chocolate plaque (available July 13th through August 2nd).
  • PEACH RIESLING PATE DU FRUIT: Pate de fruit is a pure fruit jelly, like a larger version of the inside of a jelly bean. We puree ripe, juicy peaches from Tonnamaker Family Orchard in Royal City, WA. We blend in organic Riesling and fresh chopped sage, and cook to the perfect melt-in-your-mouth consistency (available July 16th through August 12th).
  • SESAME SNAP PRALINE: Organic tahini- sweetened with dates and crunchy sesame brittle is blended into smooth dark chocolate for a sweet-savory treat reminiscent of the popular Asian candy (available August 3rd through 23rd).
  • BLUEBERRY LAVENDER PATE DU FRUIT: Pate de fruit is a pure fruit jelly, like a larger version of the inside of a jelly bean. We make ours from fresh picked organic blueberries from Hayton Farms and local lavender, and then roll the pieces in sugar (available August 13th through September 13th).
  • WALLA WALLA SWEET ONION caramel: You may wait all summer to grill these special sweet onions, but we caramelize ours! Sweet onions, beautifully burnished, meld perfectly with buttery sweet caramel. Decorated with a stripe of caramelized white chocolate and a pinch of salt and pepper (available August 24th through September 13th).


Chocolate Bars

WORLD BICYCLE RELIEF BAR: 70% cacao with sea salt, this bar debuted in March and has quickly become a best seller! Not only is it delicious, a percentage of proceeds from every bar helps WBR provide locally built bicycles to children in rural Africa. Learn more here:

1oz Bars : Big flavors in small packages…

  • FORTALEZA NIB BAR : Fortaleza del Valle is an organic and fair trade certified cocoa cooperative in the Manabí region of Ecuador known for their exceptional quality and pure "nacional" cocoa beans (also available online).
  • FLEUR DE SEL BAR: Rich 70% dark chocolate is punctuated with crunchy bits of "salt flowers” to enhance the savory quality within the chocolate. This bar is also vegan and dairy free (also available online)!


Bark, Brittle & Bulk

All available by the pound, our brittles & barks are the best-kept secrets in our store!

Current flavors:

  • MOLE: Dried banana, pepitas, sesame, currant, THREE kinds of chilis and a pinch of salt in 70% dark chocolate
  • CIRCUS CASHEW: Roasted cashews and coconut in 45% milk chocolate, drizzled with a caramelized white chocolate
  • COCOA NIB TOFFEE: Roasted cocoa nibs instead of the usual nuts, chocolate-dipped on one side
  • SMOKED ALMOND TOFFEE: Alder-smoked almonds and sea salt toffee, chocolate-dipped on one side

And don’t forget… we also sell our cocoa nibs by the pound—au natural or candied!

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