Product Development and Quality Control

Favourite product: Ginger confection and Fig, Fennel, and Almond Bar - it's a toss up


"What do you love most about your job at Theo?"

I most love the creative aspect of my job and the challenge that working with such a sensitive medium as chocolate provides on a daily basis.


"What inspires you?"

People who are tireless and steadfast both in their convictions and in their work inspire me. My dad is one of these people.


"What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?"

I studied Environmental Science and Japanese as an undergrad and worked for a year in an aquatic ecology lab, while moonlighting at a Thai restaurant, before joining the Theo team. 


"What food would you drive all day for?"

I would drive all day and all night for the best Neapolitan pizza.  (I would require a glass or two of red wine at that point as well).   Unfortunately, it is not possible to reach Naples in this amount of time, or by car for that matter.


"What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about chocolate while working at Theo?"

I was shocked to learn what a huge percentage of the world’s cacao is produced by slave labor and children.  As a chocolate lover, it is satisfying to work for a company that is bucking this shameful trend.


"What’s your earliest chocolate memory?"

I remember eating See’s Milk Bordeaux eggs, the big ones with the brown-sugary filling and covered in sprinkles, out of my Easter basket.  Makes my mouth water just thinking of them!


"What’s your favorite eco-tip?"

Make a personal commitment to use your bike or your feet or the bus or anything other than your car to get where you need to go at least a couple of times a week.